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Margarine & Butter Blends


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Brand : Margarine & Butter Blends
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Margarine is a semi-solid emulsion composed mainly of vegetable fats and water used both for spreading and for baking and cooking. Due to its wide range of functionalities, it is also commonly used as an ingredient in other food products, such as pastries and cookies. Margarine is universally formulated to contain minimum 80% fat and 16% water. It also contains a number of other ingredients (either water or fat soluble), being added to impart taste, flavour and aroma and enhance its physical, chemical and nutritional properties.

Industrial Margarine is an all-purpose margarine suitable for industrial uses related to baking. The Premium margarine has added colour and flavour which improve the final product. It is particularly suitable for use in general baking applications.

    Has added colour and flavour
    Considered GMO free
    Contains no animal fats
    Halal certified

Sun bake
Sun Bake is a vegetable oil based non-refrigerated margarine, specially formulated for applications where volume of the finished product is critical such as cake, cookies etc. It contains no animal fats. It is formulated using hydrogenated vegetable oils and their fractions that are considered GMO free. Well-texturised to give good creaming properties over a wide temperature range.

Can be used as a bakery fat

9 months*

Available in 15kg or 20kg carton boxes with PE Liners


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