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Lora module

Human and Asset Tracker : Low Power Wide Area Network

"Human and Asset Tracker is suitable for rural plantation area having minimal infrastructure and power limitation."

Price : Rp 700.000
Brand : IOT.CO.ID
Minimum Order : 1
Packaging Details : -- Unspecified --
Delivery Time : 21


In large area such as palm oil plantation, a lot of information need to be gathered in order to monitor moving asset or human. This is an issue in rural area because of limited infrastructure to cover, such as power and GSM/3G signal. Our solution allows fast deployment and can be used to monitor other things such as plant condition, ground, and fertilizer content.

Our product is based on new technology LPWAN, which stands for Low Power Wide Area Network. Historical data is stored in database and real time data can be monitored using web based software.

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