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Separator NT1000 V2

"The Separator NT1000 V2 separates liquids like waste water, UASB influent, effluents and so on into liquid and solid fractions. "

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Minimum Order : 1
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The NT1000 V2 Separation Unit is suitable for a wide range of applications such as solid separation in front of UASB reactors, wastewater from factories and CSTR digestate etc.. The separation unit NT1000 V2 was designed for continues operation, and more than 250 units have been installed.

The separation unit can adapted for each case and amount of influent or effluent from 1 m³ /h up to several hundred m³ /h.

Different screen sizes available: 0.1 mm – 1.5 mm. 

Reduction of more than 99.5% of solids > chosen screen size 

your advantages:
- easy regulation of the solid content  
- high throughput rates   
- fully automated operating software  
- continues operation possible  
- easy maintenance  
- suitable for each flow by modular installation
- high TSS reduction but low COD reduction

- starch/cassava industry 
- ethanol industry
- food production
- palm oil industry
- biogas plants
- and much more … 

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