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Oil palm sprinkler hose1

Sprinkler hose (sansui hose, rain tape, spray hose)

"The suitable hose to oil palm nursery irrigation"

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“Sprinkler hose” irrigation system easy to install, easy to maintain, low cost, no

plug, shortening irrigation process, and low water pressure, low energy


It is suitable for any dry land crops. There are different types of hose, different

watering pore patterns, used for different crops and different farmlands. Can be

used on open farmland, sandy land, greenhouses, net house. Especially it is

suitable for the plants require more water in short time.

The life of “Sprinkler hose” is about 2-5 years, depending on use and


Most of “Sprinkler hose” laying on the ground, but otherwise AJ-104H is hanging

in the air.

“Sprinkler hose” can spray on open air or be laid under the mulch film.

Laid on the ground, “Sprinkler hose” is sprayed upward into the air, and then fell

sides like light rain. Pores are close to the centerline of “Sprinkler hose”.

Ground “sprinkler hose” ↓

The form under the mulch film, the spray pores are farther away from the

centerline, the spray angle is low. Plants can grow outward from the holes on the

mulch film. “Sprinkler hose” is under the mulch film, along with planting lines,

close to the crops.

To irrigate under mulch film, the water discharged from the pores on “Sprinkler

hose”, flow directly on crop roots. If necessary, liquid fertilizer can be added in the

water, go together to the root of the crops. In fact, this watering rate is faster than

the drip irrigation.

“sprinkler hose”under mulch film ↓

Here are some types of our “Sprinkler hose”:

1. AJ-101 single “Sprinkler hose”: a single flat hose with pores on upside. It is

simplest and cheapest type but easy to spray aside.

AJ-101 Single “Sprinkler hose” used for oil palm nursery irrigation ↓

To overcome the problem of side spraying, there are following types:

2. AJ-102 twin “Sprinkler hose”: 2 hoses parallel link. That makes it steady. You

can keep spraying in the right direction. This type has only 1 diameter.

AJ-102 Twin “Sprinkler hose” sprinkle banana plantations ↓

3. AJ-103 triple “Sprinkler hose”: 3 parallel hoses link together. At both sides, there

are 2 non-porous small tubes link with the main "sprinkler hose". Small tubes can

protect main hose without being scratched or bitten by animals. It is steady too,

can keep spraying in the right direction.

AJ-103 Triple “Sprinkler hose” sprinkle vegetables ↓

4. AJ-104 wings “Sprinkler hose”: main “Sprinkler hose” with steady wings at 2

sides, they can protect main hose, not be scratched or bitten. It is also steady, can

keep spraying in the right direction.

5. AJ-104S short wings “Sprinkler hose”: The wings are much shorter, that can

protect the main hose..

6. AJ-104H wing suspended “Sprinkler hose”: there is a wing with holes at one

side of “Sprinkler hose”. To link the wing through holes with the wire or any fix

things on the air, then this “sprinkler hose” is hanging. It makes this “Sprinkler

hose” suspended to spray. Hose suspended overhead on the air can make

farmland clean for facilitate field work.

2 pore patterns of AJ-104H: a. upward spraying. b. downward spraying.

AJ-104 ↓ AJ-104S ↓ AJ-104H ↓

7. AJ-105 wire suspended “Sprinkler hose”: there is a wire coated at one side of

“Sprinkler hose” instead of the wing of AJ-104H. Not to link on other thing, just to

tension the wire and set at 2 supports at 2 ends. Maybe need some fix thing to

hang in the middle section to prevent drooping in case of long running.

AJ-105 Wire suspended “sprinkler hose” spray downward. ↓

Sketch map of installation is shown below.

Installation and layout of “Sprinkler hose” irrigation system ↓

Flexible hose as the main pipe Flexible hose as the main pipeFlexible hose as the main pipe Flexible hose as the main pipe Flexible hose as the main pipeFlexible hose as the main pipe Flexible hose as the main pipe ↓

Hard pipe as the main Hard pipe as the main Hard pipe as the main Hard pipe as the main pipeHard pipe as the main Hard pipe as the main ↓

Main pipe under ground ↓

“Sprinkler hose” irrigation system installed under mulch film ↓

“Sprinkler hose” irrigation system is generally not necessary to install a filter,

unless you order very tiny pore on the hose, or irrigation water. Is very dirty

The water had better filled into the pond firstly, so that the dirt can be

precipitated under the pond.

In the absence of the pump case, it can still do short distance irrigation.

Because of the required working pressure is very low, as long as there is a tank

put at a height of more than 1 m, it can make the water down from the tank to the

hose and flow out from the pores.

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