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Palm oil machinery

"FFB-Loading Ramp- Sterilization-Threshing-Digesting-Clarification-Crushing-Power house-Steam boiler-Water treatment-Raw water supply"

Price : Rp 3.000
Brand : Huatai
Minimum Order : 1
Packaging Details : wooderncase
Delivery Time : 30days after deposite



Palm fruit :


Palm fruit are originated from afria, then it has been introduced into Asia and developed in Malaysia, Indonesia. Palm trees generally have 25 years of growth,

from the second to the fourth year is a mature period.


Each palm tree can produce fruit 150kg annually, or to say it can produce more than 

3 tons of palm fruit in its life span. Normally palm trees can produce fruit after planting 4 years and have 8.8 meters row spacing. The planting density is about 148 per hectare(60 per acre).


Huatai Cereals and oil machinery co., ltd Palm oil processing:


1. Reception station:


Used for loading palm fruit brunch from plantation, transport to sterilizer, Reception station adopt steel structure and concrete structure. save euipment cost and consruction cost.


Have hydraulic control system, Hydraulic door open/off automatic achieve continuous operation. Reduce operator, operate moer easily and improve work efficiency.

Including: FFB Weighting, FFB unloading, Reception loading ramp, Reception station hydraulic control door, FFB in cage, Cage on draw bridge, etc.


2.Sterilizing tank


The sterilizing tank uses direct steam to process, which can reduce activity of the enzyme, prevent the rancidity, ensure the good quality of the crude oil. At the same time, it is good for the trashing process.


Vertical steriliazer:

Vertical sterilizing system: invented and designed by QI'E Group, it has beaten the traditional horizotal sterilizing technology, the new system has realized the fully continuous and automatic working, it also has lowered the labor intensity, reduced the land needed for the plant, and enhanced the efficiency, at the sme time, it needs less energy, which can reduce the investment, as well improvement the sterilizing effect. what's more, it can rise the oil extraction rate by 1% or 2%, which can help to increase the economic benefit.

Vertical sterilizing tank: controlled by hydraulic system, it can work fully automatically. it needs less land, less operators. we are making further progress to improve the structure of the sterilizing tank, to solve the blocking problem when the material getting out.(sterilizing tank feeding hole, discharge hole).


Horizontal sterilizer:

Horizontal sterilizing tank: with larger capacity, it can work continously. it uses back pressure container and direct steam technology. the process is divided into 3 passages. The temperature is 150 degree, duration is 80-90 mins. Zhengzhou QI'E Grain and Oil Machinery CO., LTD designed the horizontal sterilizing tank hydraulic system exclusively, which can reduce the labor needed in sterilizing station, make the processing line more automatic.


3.Threshing station:

Fresh palm fruits separate from bunches by thresher rotary drum rotating. Palm fruits are converyed to digesting tank by elevator. Empty buches are conveyed out of factory by scraper conveyor. Thresher shaft sues once forging technology.  The euipment is stronger and has longer life. At the same time, our company developes non-shaft thresher drived by chain. In this way, it reduces power loss and saves production cost.



Inside of sterilizer, there are some baffle and stirring arm,under te drive of top motor. Baffles break off the palm fruit, then heat palm fruit pulp. So that can press oil easliy. Get higher oil yield. Meanwhile there is directl steam inlet digester, to adjust material moisture.


5.Pressing machine

The palm fruit oil yield increases by adjusting material moisture and temperature in digesting tank. Digesting tank uses liquid level control, so material can distribute automatically and euipment runs automatically. pressing machine uses hydraulic control system to adjust spacing between pressing bolts. so it can be suitable for various palm fruit species and guarantee the oil yield.


6.Kernel Recovery station:


Using air duct system to separate palm shell and kernel. Meanwhile, using special mud bath euipment to separate palm kernel and shell according to their different density. So it has high separation rate.


There are some fiber cover the palm nut, in order to get palm kernel, should remove the fiber, palm shell. Fiber and shell is very good resource for boiler fuel.


Zhengzhou QI'E grain and oil machinery co., ltd keep improving the technology, produce palm shell mill, fibe collection system, polishing machine, etc for the main euipment of kernel recovery station. Improve the work efficiency highly. separate fiber totally, reduce palm kernel broken rate.


7.Clarification station:


Oil purifying system: using latest technology, on the premise that guarantee oil quality, we try out best to reduce machine investment and oil loss. In actual production, it has been verified that using new technology can reduce oil loss below 1.3%.


8.Kernel pressing technology 


Huatai Cereals and oil machinery co., ltd develop cold press and hot press, keep good quality palm kernel oil and high oil yield. Meanwhile increase the press capacity. reduce euipment investment.


Palm kernel oil can be processed to cocoa butter, Artificial cheese, etc. Palm kernel cake can used for animal food. itis a good resource of profits.


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