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Swf crabster

SWF Krantechnik Hoist and Crane

"NOVA electric wire rope hoist"

Price : Rp -
Brand : -- Unspecified --
Minimum Order : 1
Packaging Details : -- Unspecified --
Delivery Time : 3 months


In the smallest spaces, you will find our best ideas: 
NOVA electric wire rope hoist.
• Optimum space usage Compact design and optimum approach dimensions
• Precise operation Minimum hook movement, reduced load sway due to variable speed control of the load via frequency inverter
• Low maintenance costs Robust industrial design, minimum wear and tear
• Shorter downtimes Easy access to the main wear and tear parts, optimum availability of spare parts Advantage: highest possible eff ciency and optimum usage of space
• 2-speed hoisting motors ( 6/ 1) , optionally with frequency inverter
• Travelling machineries with frequency inverter, 2-speed or variable
• IP55 protection, optionally IP66
• Lifting heights up to more than100 m
• Optional explosion proof ( ATEX) 
• 4-step hoisting limit switch with slow-down function and phase mismatch protection
• Optional with hoist monitoring system NovaMaster and lifting inverter HoistMaster, also for synchronized use

Of course there are some things that you have to forgo with NOVA: for example load sway and hook movement. NOVA lifts loads with practically no horizontal hook displacement. Load sway is also prevented and safe operation is guaranteed. At the same time this also has an effect on the overall crane costs, which can be considerably reduced.NOVA adjusts itself to f t your building: NOVA offers the very best approach dimensions and the smallest possible design size in the wire rope hoist sector. This contributes to an optimum usage of space and a reduction in building costs.

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