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Soybean oil solvent extraction machine

"Soybean oil extraction plant is one methods to make soybean oil"

Price : Rp 25.000
Brand : cooking oil solvent extraction machine
Minimum Order : 1
Packaging Details : containers, wooden package and simple package or according to customer
Delivery Time : 45


Oil extraction Process scope:all kinds of oil seeds

Soybean oil extraction plant Production availability:big,medium,small scale

Oil extract ion plant Application:soybean,peanut,sesame,rapeseed,flaxseed etc oil seeds.
Introduction of soybean oil extraction plant:Soybean oil extraction plant includes extractor,DTDC,long tube evaporator,dish stripper,condensate etc equipment.and also has antiriot motor,pipes in workshop,valves,instruments etc.

Henan Doing Mechanical Equipment Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacture on soybean oil extraction plant,the machines they manufactured has no pollution,less power consumption,stable running,longer life time,easy maintainance,better extraction effect etc advantages

Method of soybean oil extraction plant:

Soybean oil extraction plant adopt the selected organic solvents can dissolve the oil, after soaking and spraying, can extract the oil from seed or oil cake with high efficient.some oil seeds like rapeseed,peanut,cotton seed,sesame etc can prepressing first,then extraction.some other oil seeds like soybean oil extraction directly

The advantages of soybean oil solvent extraction plant:

First is high oil output.the oil residue of screw pressing way can be higher than 5%.But the oil residue of extraction way will be lower than 1%.

Second is extraction way has less cost,high oil yield,high efficiency,better working stability,easy operation etc advantages.

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