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Margarine vegetable ghee machine

"Margarine vegetable ghee machine"

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Brand : Cangreen
Minimum Order : 1
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Our chilling unit (SSHE--scraped surface heat exchanger )’s function is to cool the oil emulsion from 55~60℃ to around 25℃ .Our SSHE is modeled after the Votator type of scrap surface heat exchanger and combines the special features of the European design to take advantage of the two worlds. It shares many small interchangeable components. Mechanical seal and scraper blades are typical interchangeable parts. The heat transfer cylinder consists of a pipe in pipe design with inner pipe for product and outer pipe for cooling refrigerant.The inner tube is designed for very high pressure process operation. The jacket is designed for flooded direct evaporative cooling of either Freon or ammonia.

SSHE equipment from other competitor has no bearing but the motor drive bearing to support the rotating shaft.  Our SSHE is with two  bearings on either outside of the rotating shaft for best support and reliability.  There are two high pressure mechanical seals on either side of the shaft.  The bearings are imported brand names like SKF or NSK equivalent, not China products.  In fact, we have modified the Votator mechanical seal to ensure better sealing at extreme high pressure.  Our seals are tested at >100 bars for 24 hours prior to stocking.  In fact, all the machine parts are interchangeable with Votator parts (bearing, mechanical seal, scrap blades), if you prefer the original parts.  Our static seal surface is coated with tungsten carbide and the rotating seal material is hard carbide.  Our standard offer of scrap blade materials are POM (the old reliable), PEEK (the latest offer from Votator and is stronger than steel and operates at very high temperature).  Both of them are certified food grade materials.

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