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Engineering base

"Object Orientated CAD Engineering - Cut project Engineering time and 100% documentation errors"

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Our CAD platform Engineering Base (EB)  will enable you connect all of your Plant Engineering data (CAD/worksheet/pdf etc) which help improve your overall Engineering Process by reducing the amount of time your engineers will spend on projects in creating and updating Engineering documentation, and remove all errors from this documentation as the update process across multiple documents is automated and instant. We support workflow across electrical/instrumentation/process engineering across a wide range of industry sectors - 

Our solution is modular and is strong across.

EB will sit at the heart of your engineering process and will connect into your existing systems such as SAP, Plant Predictive Maintenance Systems, Control/DCS systems, Process Simulation – other engineering tools don’t offer the level of connectivity that Engineering Base does.


Some of our success stories from companies using Engineering can be found here Base from a wide range of industry sectors



Engineering Base introduction

Engineering Base Principle workflow

Engineering Base - From P&ID to PLC in 10 Minutes

How EB feeds Predictive Maintenance

Engineering Base - Industry 4.0 and Predictive Maintenance



Some other useful video’s

Engineering Base Plant Maintenance – Identifying required replacement parts

Engineering Base SAP Connector

Creating Mark-ups to Reflect Maintenance changes


The complete Video Library is here


We provide a fully bespoke solution with full support throughout the lifecycle of a Project from our Professional Services Team, Our technical consultants can also provide training, system customisation and integration with your existing IT estate.


Our website - Adhinata Consulting has full details of Engineering Base and our other services.


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