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Crystallization machine and kneading machine for margarine

"Crystallization machine and kneading machine for margarine"

Price : Rp -
Brand : Cangreen
Minimum Order : 1
Packaging Details : TBA
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Our company is a joint venture of World Class technology from Canada and Low Cost manufacturing in China.Our technical director  (Jebsen)  is an experienced engineer especially in the range of margarine/shortening oil production,  previously Jebsen worked in Canadian Unilever for 30 years.  Our equipment's  design is based on Jebsen's many years of working experience in Unilever as a project engineering manager.

Currently we sold over 100 margarine/food production lines in China, including brand names like Unilever China, Fuji Oils China and China Cereals and Oils. . At the same time,  we sold oversea countries including Indonesia, Uzbekistan,  Vietnam , Argentina and Coate d'Ivoire.

We are one of the very few global companies that offers turnkey margarine/shortening production line for one-stop shopping with guarantee in equipment and production performance. CANGREEN custom engineers the process for our customers. We manufacture all major equipments with advanced and dedicated CNC, computer controlled automatic machines. We have teams of experienced technicians to assist in field installation, testing, commissioning and training for our customers.

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